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Your libreto lists on search results and you can share it on any web or social network. You can link it to one shop.

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Only 9 €/month

Basic Plan + statistics of all libretos and widgets. You will really know who is helping you to promote your book and where your readers come from.

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Seo Statistics Microsite


139 € per month and libreto

Professional + we get your libreto into blogs related to your book's topic and we share it on the social networks. The fastest way to get a great spreading iof your book in little tiem.

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€139 month&libreto

Number of libretos you can generate.

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Insert widgets in as many sites you want.


All libretos are optimised to be better found on search engines.

Sale links

Online shops where your readers can be sent to get the book.

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Acces your statistics in order to know how your libreto is preforming.

Author's Microsite

Microsite with your Bio, social networks and libretos, all at the same place.


Highlighted in Mylibreto's web.

Active promotion

Support and customised counsel to find the best marketing solution for your book.

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