What is mylibreto and how does it work?

Join the new way of online book marketing

With mylibreto you can market your book in a completely different way.

Every book can increase exponentially its diffusion in the Internet. But this needs time, knowledge, and being ready to invest a huge effort.

mylibreto is a tool that gives books a digital native format that increases visibility and that makes them easily shareable, even embeddable the way videos are, thus saving lots of time on book marketing.

Okay,...but how does mylibreto really help me?

With mylibreto you generate yourself a site for every title. This site, called libreto, allows:

High ranking in search engines

The libreto delivers outstanding SEO capabilities, thus allowing an almost immediate visibility on search engines.


The visitor can dive into the publication by looking inside the book, reading reviews and opinions about the book or watching images and booktrailers.


The libreto allows every buyer to choose the preferred shop and the desired format of the book. No more useless broken links on other's pages, mylibreto centralizes all shopping links and allows you to manage them.


Libretos can be easily embedded as widget into webs and blogs, for instance to complement a review on the book or on the sidebar as publicity. Mylibreto delivers to the publisher, seller or author the statistics about the spreading of libreto’s and the incoming traffic every url with a libreto-widget generates.


One place to share from, spread your book faster on every network.

So join mylibreto now!

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Are you a publisher?

That is what mylibreto can do for you...

Digital media generate data on how a book is performing, who is promoting it, what kind of people is reading it, where are folks speaking about the book and how are sales doing. But publishers have access only to a very small part of this information.

Mylibreto is a powerful tool that allows publishers to obtain data and indicators for performing a really effective online bookmarketing.


mylibreto allows to manage relationships with influencers like book blogger or online magazines.


Through your libretos you get data that helps making the right decissions: visits, interactions, interests,...


Use mylibreto as a publicity plarform. Libretos work better than banners and have many advantages on them.

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