Who are we?

The scientific mind does not so much provide the right answers as ask the right questions.

Claude Lévi-Strauss

We were concerned about books and asked:

Why are book sales continually falling?, Why don’t books appear in the Internet?

We found answers like crisis has left readers without money, people love too much videogames, piracy of e-books, and so on...

We didn't like that answers. They did not convince us.

We want to believe in a bright future for books. We discovered that books are underrepresented in the new chessboard of our life: the Internet.

We asked ourselves: why do books not appear on the Internet?

Nobody had an answer and we searched for one. We wanted a solution that makes books rank high on search engines, something woth to share with friends, agile and dynamic. Mylibreto is our answer. We would like everyone to test it and to help us improving it.


We want to be the tool of those that do not accept the book's world as it is today.

Behind mylibreto

mylibreto was created by Noergia, a online marketing company of Gijón, in Spain, basing on the ideas of Fernando Fominaya.


The team

A team of enthusiastic people has developed mylibreto. More about them in Noergia's web.

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