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The Bizarre Act of the Jellyfish Girl Jerzy P. Suchocki
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The Bizarre Act of the Jellyfish Girl

Escrito por:Jerzy P. Suchocki

portada del libro The Bizarre Act of the Jellyfish Girl por Jerzy P. Suchocki
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An strange adventure. Elsa is a girl with an unusual hability: her skin produces electricity whenever she feels accelerated. Although she has sought to avoid problems by absenting herself from feeling strong emotions, things change when she loses control and, with no other option, she must join a circus. It will be then that Elsa begins a magical journey of self discovery. A story about the importance of accepting ourselves.

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Independently published Editorial

Jerzy P. Suchocki

Cultural manager and vampire from outer space that enjoys creating stories to confuse people.

Fantasía, terror y ciencia ficción Infantil y juvenil Literatura y ficción Fantasy freak circus 1930s France journey of self discovery jellyfish modern fantasy jellyfish girl

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