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Man´s Search for Meaning

Man´s Search for Meaning


How might a Jewish-Austrian psychiatrist, confined in a German concentration camp during World War II, who lost everything that is possibly valuable to a human being, persuade us that life is worth living? Viktor Frankl´s “Man´s search for meaning” is a catalog of common human reactions to adversity: initial shock and awareness that the former life, circumstances and conventional rules are no longer valid; sense of apathy and loss of feelings, and finally, after liberation, the inability to feel happiness, the sense of  disappointment and bitterness towards the suffering that has been experienced.

One should tend to think that human soul is exclusively subdued to environment. But what about freedom of mind? The inner willingness to be responsible for oneself´s attitude towards external factors and sufferings seems to be the clue to remain human and find a sense in living. Frankl proposes a change of paradigm: the question of “what can I expect from life?” should be turned into ”what does life expect from me?”. Acceptance of suffering as an essential part of human life is the condition to live a meaningful life.

This is true for extreme situations as it was his case in the concentration camp but also for any other kind of adverse situations


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