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GIRL LAND por Julio Espinosa
Acción y aventura
distopian scifi drama acción


Julio Espinosa

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In the middle of The XXI Century, the priestly caste that secretly controls human society decided unanimously that the human race had become a threat to planet Earth. So they decided to act. They created wars, diseases and famines to reduce the population, at the end only a few million humans survived the time of tribulation.

The priests organized the population into two types society; Boy Land in which women are sex slave, and Girl Land, a society in which men are treated as a cattle by women.

"The feminist future" 

Foto del autor/a Julio Espinosa

The best phrase to describe myself is; “I am an innate storyteller with a great ability to create literary universes that sustained by themselves”.

"The feminist future" 

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